Best Types Chicken Cockfighting S128

Best Types Chicken Cockfighting S128 – The Best Types of Chicken for S128 Cockfighting Next we will provide reliable articles that we have summarized and made as light as possible, so that they can be read by all people, here are the best types of fighting cocks for S128 cockfighting.

Obtaining and caring for the best fighting cocks is the dream of every fighting cock lover or chicken stalk.

The best fighting cocks are of course quality as champion chickens to fight in the cockfighting arena. Then what kind of fighting cock is the best currently in Indonesia that you know?

On this occasion, we have provided a summary of the 3 best types of fighting chickens today.

Bangkok Chicken

Bangkok Chicken is a fighting chicken that has been in the top ranking for a long time, Bangkok chicken is still the prima donna for old botoh fighting chickens. This fighting cock is believed to have balanced abilities in terms of physically, mentally and this fighting technique, its ability is no longer in doubt. Even this perfectly grown physique makes them the most ideal fighting chickens among the types of fighting cocks in Indonesia.

The large number of Bangkok chicken enthusiasts makes them often crossed with other types of fighting cocks. You can get some variations of Bangkok chicken easily now. In addition, there are many types of Bangkok chicken that can be distinguished easily from the color of their feathers. for example, chicken bangkok wiring kuning, wangkas emas, klawu, kinantan, starlings, wido, blorok and so on. It is undeniable that Bangkok chicken is a fighting chicken that will not be replaced in the next few decades.

Burmese Chicken

This fighting cock has a smaller body size. However, don’t be fooled by that either, this small body is actually one of the advantages of the Burmese chicken which is able to make it compete with heavy fighting cocks such as Bangkok chicken and also Ayuam Saigon.

They include very clever fighting cocks and combined with their speed, these fighting cocks from Myanmar can easily overwhelm their opponents during a fight. consecutive punches are his trademark, his fighting technique is also known as the horse running technique. One indication that you can get a real Burmese chicken is the color of its ears, which are always white.

Saigon Chicken

Saigon chicken is a fighting chicken originating from Vietnam, saigon chicken has its own characteristics. their appearance looks strange when compared to fighting cocks in general. the head, chest and legs are usually hairless or bald.

For cockfighting enthusiasts in Indonesia, saigon chicken is known as bald chicken, but in fact, there are also variations of saigon chicken that have complete feathers, however, the bald saigon has a higher prestige and champion reputation in Vietnam, so bald saigon is the one who considered the original ,.…